Clearhead was founded in 2005 as a support website for people in the UK seeking to address their relationship with cannabis.
For three years founders Adrienne M and James Langton moderated the website whilst running a series of experimental weekend workshops in central London together with follow-up support meetings.

At that time Adrienne and James were driven by a frustration that people struggling to control or quit their cannabis use were not recognised by mainstream drug services as having genuine dependency issues.

Also many cannabis users themselves were unsure as to whether it was possible to have problems with a plant based material that for the majority appeared a less harmful and addictive recreational option than legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol.

In 2008 the workshops ended and James Langton’s book No Need For Weed was published which synthesised all he had learnt from his own experience of prolonged heavy use and his attempts at quitting. The book was written to be used alongside an audio hypnotherapy recording developed by psychotherapist Angela Jullings, produced especially to help cannabis quitters relax and get some sleep during those early insomniac days and nights of cannabis withdrawal.

Since 2008 much has changed, stronger varieties of cannabis have become more widely available alongside synthetic versions such as ‘spice’. In the UK at least statutory drug services no longer ignore or dismiss the issue of dependency: most offer one2one counselling or cannabis quit groups.
Recreational use is now recognised as a legal right at least as far as state law is concerned in two North American states, with medical use by doctor’s prescription allowed in a further 20 states in total. Uruguay in South America and Portugal in Europe both operate drug laws that have effectively de-criminalized the use of cannabis.

Clearhead has never been about the rights and wrongs of drug laws, not because it’s founders don’t have an opinion but because the understandable controversy causes confusion and feeds the conflict that many cannabis users feel about their long-term habitual use beyond the point where they might want to stop.

At the time of writing early 2016 it’s clear that there are still a significant number of people who would like to quit cannabis or at least take a substantial break to gain freedom of choice again. I stopped my active involvement with Clearhead in 2012 when my full-time employment meant that moderating the message-board effectively was no longer an option I was also frustrated at not having the time to update the website and write an updated audio-book to replace No Need For Weed. However Clearhead still sells books and recordings mainly from areas around the world where cannabis is legal or so widely available that the law is barely an issue,

Late 2014 I was approached by my close friend, Mrs A who herself has had a long-standing relationship with cannabis and had finally quit to enjoy the Clearhead-ed life with her young family. Mrs A came to me with the idea of using her training to develop a new workbook version of No Need For Weed incorporating re-framing and visualization exercises to compliment the stories and methodology in the existing version. This is going to take a bit of time but watch this space she has some great ideas to help normalize and ease the decision-making and withdrawal processes.

Mrs A is now in charge and will update you as to an ETA when she has one but meanwhile if you’re wondering whether cannabis is taking from you more than it’s giving, or you’ve quit, or are about to quit and are worried about the withdrawal process please feel free to use this new slimmed down web-facility to order the original book, audio-download recording or both. Kindle versions to follow soon.

Best wishes, and good luck

James Langton January 2016