Are you controlling your cannabis use or is it controlling you?
We all know people who can take or leave the stuff – weed. It isn’t that important to them; they can have a bag of skunk in the back of a drawer for six months and never even think about it. However for a significant percentage of weed smokers this is not realistic. If we have it, we have to use it that’s the nature of the relationship we have with our drug of choice.

Some of us knew from our first toke on a joint that this was where we wanted to be, and so smoking through the day was a deal that we made with ourselves early on. For others our desire to be stoned as much of the time as possible grew over a longer period.

Many of us go through phases where we hide out from our feelings and responsibilities. When it’s easier to smoke a joint than to do anything else, and to break this cycle takes an act of will or a change of circumstances.

Lots of people restrict their smoking to evenings and weekends, in other words the free time they have when they’re not working or studying. The trouble is it’s often the anticipation of the joint we’re going to have when the day ends or the weekend starts or our work is completed that keeps us from fully appreciating the rest of our lives.

If this is your experience then perhaps you might question whether being stoned every evening and every weekend without giving yourself any real choice is truly a way of relaxing or simply a symptom of addiction dependency.

The book No Need for Weed is designed to help you look closely at the patterns of your cannabis use and to ultimately give you some choices as to the control you have or may wish to relinquish over this significant area of life and leisure.