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The idea of change, even positive change can often be daunting and so Clearhead and hypnotherapist Angela Jullings have produced a powerful hypnotherapy recording that can be used in conjunction with No Need For Weed. The recording offers a rapid effective route to deep natural relaxation, and is especially useful if you have concerns about cannabis and your sleeping pattern.
Cannabis and Hypnotherapy

Almost all dependent cannabis smokers are conflicted over their use of the drug. On the one hand, many still enjoy the sensation of being stoned, but on the other can see that dope smoking is causing a serious negative impact on other areas of life. Not least the fact they have lost control of their use.

We have two minds – the conscious mind, which is your logical thoughtful mind: and the unconscious mind, which is the mind responsible for all your behaviours, habits, beliefs and memories. Hypnosis bypasses willpower, which belongs to your conscious mind, and can tap into what the unconscious truly believes about your cannabis smoking.

More about how Hypnotherapy works

Much behaviour is unconscious. For example, you breathe unconsciously, you walk without any conscious consideration of how to, and have many unconscious movements totally outside of your conscious awareness. As your unconscious mind is the domain of all your behaviours, emotions and memories, it is therefore the unconscious mind that can create lasting changes in problem areas.

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

At various times in our day-to-day lives all of us experience the trance like state that we go into when we are under hypnosis. In that sense hypnosis can be described as a fixation of attention.

If you’ve ever been wrapped up in a good book, a film at the cinema, or a soothing piece of music then you’ve experienced hypnotic trance. Breaking Your Cannabis Dependence produces a very pleasant sensation of relaxation somewhere between being asleep and awake. Many people find they actually do fall asleep while listening to the recording, which is a real bonus, for those who have suffered a disrupted sleep pattern when they have previously attempted to address their cannabis habit. The positive messages are still absorbed by the unconscious mind even when asleep. The therapeutic messages last for a little over thirty minutes and are followed by another thirty minutes of restful soundscape designed to encourage you to stay relaxed or asleep for as long as is required.

In our opinion during your early recovery, four hours quality sleep without cannabis are worth twice as much than if you go to bed in a drugged stoned state.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective branch of psychotherapy, and has been approved for use by the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association for over forty years. This extremely popular therapy is now used in many fields including dentistry, professional sports and education.

Who can’t use this recording?

If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy or a psychiatric illness other than depression please consult your doctor before using this product. Otherwise, the recording is safe for all ages. The recording is designed to be used any time of the day or night but must not be used whilst driving, or operating machinery. This product should not be used whilst intoxicated or in the bath.

For best results listen through stereo headphones.

Your Hypnotherapist Angela Jullings

Angela is an experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist she has an instinctive ability to help people lose the negative habits and controlling thoughts that keep them trapped, and replace them with their own natural underlying desire for positive change. She has operated her own practice since 1995 and has a lifelong interest in people and their behaviour.

Clients would frequently come to Angela wanting to stop smoking cigarettes; or they might be seeking help with depression, panic attacks, or an inability to relax or sleep properly. Angela began to see that sometimes the underlying problem stopping her clients helping themselves was an unspoken dependence on cannabis.

Her wide-ranging experience in the fields of personal development, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy has made her one of today’s outstanding therapists. Her extensive training over the years has earned her diplomas in advanced therapeutic hypnosis. She is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming master and trainer.

Angela is registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy, is a senior member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, and is registered with the BACP. Angela can be contacted through her website